About the Game

While Lufia II told the pre story to Lufia I, this game does another step back in the history of Lufia. It tells the story of Arek and the other four Sinistrals throwing over the Gods of Light to become the new gods of the world. It also tells about the origin of the Dual Blade, the only weapon that is powerful enough, to overcome the gods.

Acutally the game begins with Erims vision on its possible end. Since one year the Sinistrals of Chaos, Destruction, Death and Terror rule the ones peaceful world.

All hope on returning peace and order rests on the shoulders of eight brave heroes. After a journey full of dangers and fights all over the known world they will meet and finally ride on an air ship to flying Doom Island. Strong-willed to send the dark gods back to hell... but things turn out differently and the true adventure begins!

Even Arek's rule has its origin. Learn how it all began...
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend

Compete with well known enemies and free caves and towers from evil!
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend

Edited Lufia II graphics give an independent feeling
while preserving the charm of the classic!
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend

Puzzles are the heart of the game and they constantly get more challenging and diversified!
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend

Hidden special and collection objects, hidden passageways and other secrets!
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend
Birth of a Legend

Challenging end and intermediate opponents with different characteristics.

Dialogues and cut scenes drive the story. Experience the beginning of the Lufia game series history!

The Sinistrals await you!

Riddles are the heart of Lufia - Birth of a Legend. Beside the pushing and pulling of pillars and blocks you will discover a whole lot of special quest spells and items that will keep you on the go.

Quest Spells

Reset Spell (Ursprungszauber)
When you get stuck solving a riddle, use the reset spell to start from the beginning.

Uncovering Spell (Enthüllungzauber)
Some things are magically hidden from the eye. Reveal them by using the uncovering spell. But be careful, the spell also attracts invincible monsters, that will start to chase you.

Light Spell (Lichtzauber)
You have to stand still, to light a dark room. Sometimes the room will stay alight but mostly when you start moving, it will fall dark again. So you better remember which steps you should take.

Beast Spell (Biest Verwandlung)
One of your heroines has the power to transform into a beast with special strength and powers.

Air Spell (Luftzauber)
Breath underwater for a few minutes when entering a flooded room. Watch out for swimming enemies, that will break your spell and leave your party drowning. 

Quest Items

Bush Knife (Buschmesser)
Cut down bushes.

Bombs (Bomben)
Use them to blast cracked walls.

Grappling Hook (Enterhakenn)
Use the grappling hook to reach places, where you could not go before.

The legendary Hammer of Norwich will let you smash rocks that are in your way.

Armor (Rüstung)
Resist fire for 30 seconds - after that you will get toasted.

Lamp (Lampe)
Light torches to open doors or reveal other hidden things but you have to be quick, they will only burn for a short while. 

Ice Wand (Eiszepter)
Freeze enemies and then use them as pushable blocks to wheight switches with them e.g.

Chain Hammer (Kettenhammer)
Use this hammer on chain to push pillars even when you are separated from it by is a yawning abyss.

Slider Shield (Gleiterschild)
Slide on rails and be quick on reacting or you might end up falling down.

Power Gloves (Krafthandschuhe)
Carry even heavy stuff around.

Battle System


IP Attacks (Zornattacken): You know them from Lufia 2. When a character takes damage his anger will rise. In BoaL it also rises a little when a character deals damage and the bar has to be full to unleash an IP Attack.

Magic: Most characters can use magic. You can epuip them with up to 3 scrolls which you will have to buy in magic shops all over the world. To adjust the equiped spells to the game situation is important on your way to save us form the sinistrals.

Tech: Fighters can epuip with special fighting technics. 

Start the adventure!

- Already about 20 hours of gameplay! Savestates can be continued in newer version.
- Already 14 Dungeons (Fire Mountain, Pyramid and Temple of the Gods are very huge), crossing of a desert, search for a lost temple in the snow, arena fight, 10 towns and castles, will keep you going!

Story, game design, edited graphics and programming by Xaiko
English translation by Caledoriv
Trailer and YouTube Channel management by Pyro
Thanks for graphical support to Ray, Pyro and Satyre
Artworks by Kiu, Chibivivisan, Ray, SilentShadow1991

Beta-Tester: Worky, Pyro, Decar, Marston, Drago, Ray, Silverclaw, Satyre, Beruga, Assetmoc, SKJmin

Some of the features of Lufia - Birth of a Legend were made possible by these scripters:
2chan, BigEd781, Ccoa, Claimh, CociCookie, Dark Dragon, Dargor, DerVVulfman, GameBaker, hellMinor, Hevendor, isaacsol, Jens009, KGC, Kylock, Type74RX-T, Moghunter, Synthesize, Woratana

More credits: See info file, introduction and ending credits.


  1. about magic and tech,

    are IP techs counted as magic scroll?

    1. IP skills are connected to equipment, same as in Lufia 2.
      There are also a few tech scrolls in the game, which you equip like magic scrolls. These are especially for the characters that cannot cast any magic spells!

  2. i'll just say this here:
    I've played until the pyramid (damn those clowns that i'm stuck!) and i have to say that I really like this game. The puzzles are great and the difficulty is quite good (the MP usage is too much lol.). I really wait until all the dialogues are translated into english cause i'm confused with some of the items lol.

    keep the good work! :D

    1. Thanks! The clowns are a little tricky. I'm not sure if the key to defeating them becomes clear in the translation.