Get the Game in English

Lufia - Birth of a Legend - Fanfiction RPG by Xaiko

Thanks to Caledoriv, all game dialogues have been translated into English! Choose "English" after launching the game. The database (all item names and spells) will still be displayed in German because of the ongoing development of the game but I would say it's playable. 

Download 1.8d: The newest version of the game. Even after three years it's still just halfway finished. Does not start in full screen. Press Alt+Enter to switch between full sceen and windowed mode.

Download - Full Version

Update from version 1.7 or newer to 1.8d - Not for older versions!:
Installation: Unpack the ZIP archiv, open the unpacked folder, copy the files and folders to your existing 'Birth of a Legend' folder and overwrite the old files and folders with the new ones. Done and ready to continue playing.

Download - Update


  1. i see that unfortunately the menu is still in dutch even though i choose english as a language....

    1. Check out the ongoing English beta test, the completely translated menu is one of the new features